Children Taking Shower in Public- Memorial Day

1:55 Baby taking shower - Duration: 1:34

Rinse Ace 3901 My Own Shower Children's Showerhead with 3-Foot Quick-Connect/Detachable Hose and Dolphin Character

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  • I’m glad I read this … I was having some strange feelings, our children always shower with us … We also all sleep together in the same room. We stopped letting our daughter who is 6, and her heart broke. Then she said something that broke me, “is my body parts bad? ” Needless to say, the showers resumed. I never want her to feel that way 🙁

    The Rinse Ace® Showerhead for kids places a small fun showerhead at just the right height for a kids shower. Fully adjustable height to grow with your child making showering fun and easy with a soft spray and a fun character spray head.

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