Are cats and shower curtains natural enemies?

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    Enjoy the sight of a gray and white British shorthair kitten practicing his hunting skills as he darts his tail to the side and swipes his little paw after an unseen target. Feel tender and happy when you look at cat shower curtains showing an adorable black and brown striped kitten with a white belly gazing up with sweetness and curiosity in her big blue eyes. If you prefer the wisdom and independence of adult cats, we also have what you need.

  • And Owner Jones almost always obliges, whether it’s saying that Troy Aikman "looks good in the shower" or that CAT scans show he has the "mind of a 40-year-old."

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    My sister gave our cat a shower..... Lets just say the Cat HATED it.. lmao

    To all you would be animal activist, my cats vet told us to wash our cat due to it having dandruff and even gave us a medicated shampoo for her.

    All posts pertaining to such nonsense about how bad the cat was hurt or any such bullshit will have an immediate removal of your un-educated posts.

    Thanks for watching.

  • Cats groom themselves frequently but there are times when it may be necessary, even an emergency. It may even be a matter of life and death as opposed to making your cat presentable for a cat show.

Custom Cat Shower Curtains from VisionBedding

If your in the cat show business you most likely will have trained your cat from kitten hood to accept and even like a bath as you will be doing lots of it to prepare your cat for shows.