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Seal Tight Freedom Cast and Bandage Protector, Best Watertight Protection, Adult Leg

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  • CastCoverz! is the leading global manufacturer, e-tailer, and innovator of Made-in-the-USA essential orthopedic soft goods (brace, splint, boot, and cast covers), orthopedic accessories (, , , waterproof products), and patient-requested orthopedic gear. Cast covers stop the snagging and the scratches and give casts, braces, splints, crutches, and walking boots fashion, function, and FUN! Orthopedic gear includes waterproof cast covers for showering and swimming (), to eliminate itch and smell, , and , and so much more!

    2. Buy a cast cover for showering: This will be the best purchase you make for your sanity. I mentioned earlier that I was given one by the sweetest vendor on the face of this earth. I have it pictured below, but it basically creates a water-proof seal above the cast so you can shower as normal as you possibly can. It is critical that the rubber ring is up as seen in the photo, with no folds. Basically I would pull it up over my knee then slid it back down to create the seal. If the seal is down it will leak. I used this for the entirety of having a cast and it never leaked. A true life saver. They come in different sizes and for both arms and legs (of varying lengths). You can get your own . The size I have is “short leg” and I had plenty of excess at the bottom. I’m 5’6″ for reference.

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