what's the size of this solar Camping Hiking Shower Bag?

Package List:1 * Camp Shower Bag1 * Water Tube1 * Shower Head1 * Plastic Tube1 * Hanging Hook

Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

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  • Regardless of if you choose to go with 1 larger 5 gallon option or multiple smaller models like the Advanced Elements 3 Gallon camping shower bag, the over-all objective of camping is for everyone to have a good and memorable time. Just because your “roughing-it” in the outdoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay clean, and considering the minimal cost of a solar camping shower bag, there’s really no excuse not to.

    In most cases providing each person with their own personal camping shower bag is preferred. This way each person can take as long of a shower as they like, without the worry of using-up all the available hot water before the next person gets their shower.

  • Advanced Elements camping shower bags are available at a few off-line retailers, but obviously your best deals will be found online. The MSRP price of the Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Solar Shower is around $24 but be sure and check here for the current best price.

    The Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Camping Shower Bag is small enough in size to be a good solution for a personal portable solar shower. This makes it ideal for the hiker, back-packer, or self-sufficient camper. With a 2.5 gallon water capacity it will work well for 1 long shower or potentially 2 quick showers. Solar camping shower bags can take up to 4 hours to heat the water in the worse conditions. With this being considered, if you plan to accommodate enough hot water for more than 1 person you really have 2 options. Option one – you can buy the larger 5 gallon model. Or, option 2 – provide each person with their own smaller solar shower.

    Wealers Premium Solar Camping Shower Bag, 5-gallon / Includes Removable Hose W/on-off Switchable Shower Head

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    Camping Shower Bag 15 L16.09

    Even the best camping showers have their pros and cons. The Advanced Elements 3 Gallon Camping Shower Bag is one of the best solar camping shower bags currently available when you consider durability, functionality, and features. However, considering that its capacity is really no greater than the slightly less expensive 2.5 gallon model you have to weigh whether or not the extra features are worth the extra 5 bucks – specifically the addition of the mesh pockets and the included mirror.

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