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No more campground showers for us!” – Gary Possert, 1998 GMC K3500, 2014 Lance 1050S

Camco 43712 RV Shower Head with On/Off Switch (Off-White)

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  • Anyone who has spent a night camping out in the wild with nothing more than canvas to sleep under will know that the body has a tendency to feel unwashed in no time at all. Finding a suitable source of water to wash in can be difficult without polluting local watercourses with soaps and shampoos. The portable seems to be the ideal solution to this personal hygiene conundrum.

    We are long past hanging a bucket from a tree!
    Cartoons have historically portrayed outdoor showers as a bucket with holes punched in the bottom hanging from an overhead branch. The world has moved on from such clumsy devices – we are thoroughly immersed in hi-technology that encompasses all our lives and the things we use every day. Not surprisingly, today’s portable camp shower has embraced advances in design and materials. The outdoor showers that are available these days are light, durable and very energy efficient. The containers are made from high efficiency solar-absorption materials that contain the latest in polymer technology. This affords some luxury to the outdoor showering process as water can be heated to a respectable temperature quite quickly, and without the need for hugely intensive sunlight. The added bonus of these new materials is that they are very light too; when empty, the average outdoor shower is small and light enough to be carried by a child.

    So many uses

    The potential uses for these simple, but cleverly designed outdoor showering solutions are many;

    Camping is an extremely popular pastime and campsites often have nothing more than a faucet (if you’re lucky) or a nearby river/lake as a water source. Showering under the only available faucet is not usually going to make for cordial relations with other campers or be very convenient. Conversely a portable camp shower can be quickly filled and then used away from public areas, and also easily enclosed for privacy if necessary.

    Outdoor event locations such as cross country horse riding, distance running, trail riding and many others, rarely have facilities to shower and cool off or just get clean from a muddy outing. A portable outdoor shower can provide an almost instant bathroom facility to get cleaned up. This helps to keep those vehicle interiors clean for the journey home too!

    Emergency situations
    where enough facilities may be not be available to cater for everyone, such as after severe storms or natural disasters or in arid areas where water is scarce. Outdoor showers are very energy efficient and used water can be captured and recycled easily which can be a very important factor in dry areas.

    Overall, anyone headed out into that grubby world out there, be it just the beach with an unruly family, or to the furthest corners of the earth, having a with you can certainly make every day, a fresh start.

    The Grand Trunk Dunny Camping Shower Enclosure is a multi-purpose shower aid that serves as a shower enclosure, a changing room and a camping toilet tent. The “Dunny” easily solves the important campsite restroom issues, with room to spare.

  • Fortunately, nowadays there is a better option and it’s called a portable . Basically, it consists of a shower tent and a shower bag. These lightest camping showers are usually equipped with a solar shower bag; meaning they rely on the sun to heat the water inside as opposed to relying on energy produced by heavier equipment such as gas-powered heating. Some models are even light enough to be carried around when backpacking. The gas-powered models are usually more suitable for car camping due to their weight and although the solar-powered solution is the lighter of the two, it seriously lacks the efficiency of a gas-powered model that can easily provide hot water on demand within seconds. As a comparison, it can take up to 2-3 hours for water to become warm in a 5-gallon shower bag under full sun.

    Considering the different camp shower options available on the market, there are no excuses to go without a shower when hiking, camping, fishing or whatever outdoor activity you enjoy. There are numerous brands to choose from in retail stores on the Internet so you’re sure to find a solution that fits your needs. If budget and weight are not an issue, a gas-powered camp shower is the way to go but if your main concern is cost and portability, a solar-powered will do just fine on sunny days.

     Camping ShowerCapacityFeaturesPrice
    Advanced Elements Summer Shower 2.52.5 GalSolar heated$
    Stearns SunShower 4.04.0 GalSolar heated
    Storage pocket
    Coghlan's Camp Shower5.0 GalSolar Heated$

  • Whalaa.  DIY, homemade, cheap, easily contained – Camper Shower

    After recently doing an intensive evaluation of all the current camping shower enclosures – the Grand Trunk Dunny is one of only 5 camping shower enclosure models to make the cut.

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“Since my campers shower is 2 feet by 2 feet, the only thing I could do to make it any bigger was to lose 35 pounds. I am now working on another 35 pounds, so when I drop the soap, I can actually pick it up without stepping outside. Outside the shower, that is.” – Stan Johnson, 2009 GMC, 2012 Northstar Laredo