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  • Some may claim that the bridal shower wishing well is something outdated but it can add to the enjoyment. It is up to you to decide whether to have one or to leave it out but the wishing well can be something very emotional and charming.
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    The bridal shower wishing well was started years ago as a way to help the couple build their stock of small household items. This tradition has become a standard part of most wedding showers. But as you'll see, there's more than one way to "fill the well".

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    Start building the bridal shower wishing well from the ground up. The large laundry basket will be the base and the place where shower gifts are collected. Get a rectangular laundry basket with sturdy sides and handles.

  • Before connecting the other side, slide the bucket onto the rolling pin. This will act as the well for your bridal shower wishing well. Shower guests can place cards in the bucket.

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The bridal shower wishing well can also simply be used for wishes, greeting, poems, and to share memories with the bride. Make sure to mention your wishing well requests either in the invitation or at the door as the guests arrive. If you are asking for wishes at the door, provide index cards and pens for your guests. Later, pull the cards out of the well and read them aloud for a memorable shower event.