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  • These chairs are often used at weddings and are referred to a Wedding Chairs. Sometimes people decorate these chairs with ribbons and flowers and use them for bridal showers or baby showers and referred to them as Bridal Shower Chairs or Baby Shower Chairs. Another term used to describe these chairs is Fan Back Chairs because of their wide back. During shipping it is not uncommon for some of the paint to chip off in spots. This problem and can easily be solved by touching up with any gloss white paint. The large Peacock chairs are more of a occasion chair and are not designed to last as every day seating. If you intend to use these chairs for in home seating you should purchase the Royal Peacock Chair because it is double weaved and will hold up longer. Also, because of the nature of these chairs we do not warranty them. You should also consider these chairs as having some flaws and imperfections and these flaws and imperfections are considered part of their charm and character.

    A stylin’ bridal shower chair banner for the back of the Bride-To-Be’s chair. This one features pink and white chevron with silver glitter accent frame.

  • One way to conduct your search is through the use of keywords. You can choose to be either broad or specific in nature when searching for the perfect bridal shower chairs and decor. If you are looking to see a variety of options, you can be broad in your search efforts. Visit the eBay home page and simply type in "". A number of different chair decorations will appear in the search results for you, allowing you to see a range of options available on eBay at any given time. If you want to be specific in your search, choose more exact keywords in order to find exactly what you need. For example, if you are looking for , type this into the search box and click search. Only this product will appear in the search results for you, making the entire process quick and efficient.

    Create a bridal shower chair with a bit of ingenuity and a specific theme that complements the personality of the soon-to-be-bride. You can capture a certain feeling or mood with just the right decorations. Whether classic, casual or rustic, bridal shower chairs can be as unique as the bride-to-be.

  • White silk or linen draped around a bridal shower chair creates a classic look, and a gold- or cream-colored sash tied to the top or middle of the chair provides a glamorous accent. To personalize the chair, place a white and black stationery card with the bride’s name on the back of the chair with ribbon. Sheer white tulle fabric woven into bows on top of each side of the bridal shower chair adds additional elegance.

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