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  • As many people prefer showers nowadays it would be good to mention another form of shower bath, which whilst not as popular as the P shape bath, is worth consideration, especially if you wish to avoid splashing when showering. The bath featured is 170x75cm and as you can see features a large flat area to stand in. This type of bath is available in acrylic or steel and can be used with a straight shower screen or even a shower curtain. The advantage of a curtain is that if the bath is not installed wall to wall you can ensure that all the water stays in the bath when showering, unlike when a screen is used. You may prefer a larger shower screen and some of the double options extend as much as 1200mm long and as high as 1500mm, unless you intend to use a very powerful shower above your bath this size will keep splashing to a minimum. We display two examples of the double screens in our showroom which would be suitable for this or any other straight edged bath.

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  • Everything from shower enclosure kits to bathtub wall surrounds can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, and we provide fast, efficient on-site installation anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please explore all our bath and shower enclosure systems, and more, including:

    Feel free to use the bathroom shower curtain pic that I gave even though you are in tropical or desert Lands like Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, and Lesotho. Download by right clicking your mouse right on the Astonishing pic, then give this good definition pic to your home consultant to be carried out soon.

  • Modern showers were installed in the barracks of the in the 1870s as an economic hygiene measure, under the guidance of , a French doctor and inventor.As surgeon-general at Bonne Nouvelle prison in , Delabost had previously replaced individual baths with mandatory communal showers for use by prisoners, arguing that they were more economical and hygienic. First six, then eight shower stalls were installed. The water was heated by a steam engine and in less than five minutes, up to eight prisoners could wash simultaneously with only twenty liters of water. The French system of communal showers was adopted by other armies, the first being that of Prussia in 1879, and by prisons in other jurisdictions. They were also adopted by boarding schools, before being installed in public bathhouses. The first shower in a public bathhouse was in 1887 in , Austria. In France, public bathhouses and showers were established by Charles Cazalet, firstly in in 1893 and then in in 1899.

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Albion’s Effusio overbath shower system can be used with any Albion free standing bath, single and double ended. This gives you the benefit of combining luxury bathing with a functional and powerful shower. The unique design allows the bath to be located anywhere in the bathroom as this system does away with the need of any wall support.