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Delta Faucet 52001-DS Adjustable ADA Grab Bar Hand Held Shower, Chrome

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  • Multi-Piece Barrier Free Roll In ADA Shower Stalls come in 4 to 5 piece units depending on the size that are easily assembled. With the self-locking aluminum Pin and Slot System, the shower walls and the shower base can be conveniently installed from the in alcove framed opening. The Barrier Free Roll In ADA Shower bases have an incline instead of a threshold so that they can be wheelchair accessible. This also makes it easier for those with mobility issues to get into the shower as there is nothing to step over. The barrier free roll in ada showers come in three ADA compliant sizes, 39×38, 63×32, and 63×38 with a drain located in the center. Barrier Free ADA Shower Stalls follow all the regulations set by the ADA association This allows for disabled individuals to shower safely and independently. This makes them great for commercial use in places such as nursing homes. The barrier free roll in ADA showers are available in 3 different packages; , , and . Each package offers various accessories to accommodate your showering needs. These accessories can be installed anywhere at any height due to the wood backing in the walls. No drywall backing or extra studs are needed. Plus 24 and plus 36 come with three straight grab bars. Deluxe comes with 3 straight grab bars, a shower seat, and a shower head + valve. Click on the package icon below to read more about what each package offers. To view more of our shower selections you can check out our , our , or our .

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  • Accessible Showers offer the same easy access and accessories as ADA showers, however they are designed to fit in standard residential bathroom framing pockets, such as the the standard 5 ft tub/shower found in many North American homes.

    ADA Shower models include both ADA transfer showers and ADA roll in showers. Transfer showers are smaller, with a minimum inside dimension of 36" x 36". They also offer curb free access, however an individual must transfer into the shower from a wheelchair outside the shower, as the shower is too narrow to roll into. ADA wheelchair roll in showers specify a minimum 60" x 30" inside dimension.

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    There is a barrier. Can you roll a golf ball from the bathroom floor to the shower drain? If yes, then it's barrier free. If no, then it's not. Look up ADA showers.

    That's nothing but a plastic shower insert with a low curb.

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    I'm sorry, but you are misinformed. That is NOT a barrier free shower, nor is it an ADA shower.

    Combined with custom wall tiles and ADA accessories, (i.e., , , and ), our ADA shower bases will meet all commercial ADA bathroom requirements by providing a low-profile, zero-threshold shower pan entrance. Freedom ADA shower pans have a slip-resistant, self-supporting, pre-levelled shower bottom. This allows for easy installation without any mud setting, greatly reducing installation time and errors.

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Barrier Free Living offers a full line of commercial that meet ADA bathroom accessibility and safety guidelines. All adhere to standards for size, and shower pan clearance. All shower stalls meet current ADAAG 2010 and ANSI A117.1 guidelines and the 2010 Title 24 California Building Standards Code if required. Backed by an exclusive 30-year limited warranty, our are built for the demands of healthcare facilities, assisted living centers, retirement communities and university dormitories. Compliant and are available as one piece or multi piece units. A transfer shower or roll in shower can be installed directly on an existing sub-floor, eliminating the need to recess the floor under the shower. ADA transfer shower stalls have minimum interior dimensions of 36" x 36", a maximum 1/2"curb, and ADA roll in showers have a minimum interior dimensions of 60" x 30".